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Welcome to my place. I'm Patricia and would like you to get to know more about my artistic proposal expressed in unique jewelry designs inspired in the Tango and its magic.Throughout these years I strived to offer my finest collections to all those who find in this dance a way to articulate all senses. My jewelry is carved in gold and silver, handmade by craftsmen who embodied my creations in these metals with the greatest professionalism and skills at work.
The pieces shown in this page are the result of long years of constant work and interaction between the artist who creates and the jeweler who makes a unique design come true, with great expertise and trade skills.
As my collection is exclusive, I've personalized customer care and attention to see to the needs of all those who take an interest in my designs. You’ll soon discover that whether via the Internet, by phone or in person, I'll always be there to answer your queries or transact any order you wish to place with ORFEBRERIA DEL TANGO JEWELRY.
In my journey through the fascinating world of Tango-inspired jewelry, I have exhibited my pieces and creations at various events, among others: "A Tribute to Enrique S. Discépolo" at the Palais de Glace, 7th and 8th Tango Festivals at the Dorrego Exhibit Center, 2005 World Tango Championship at La Rural Exhibit Center. In all these I displayed my jewelry collection at a stand uniquely staged in the 1900s  as seen in the  pictures, with the priceless collaboration of Montepio Antiques (7701, Rivadavia Av.), who contributed with stylish antique bandoneons and vintage record players. 

I started over 10 years ago  designing period, classical and modern jewelery pieces, until I then  connected with the Tango world. I then faced the challenge of creating a different kind of jewelry. A new inspiration was born, that which brings me closer to you. My background and training is in Architecture and all forms of design. I've always been in touch with the arts... most of what my life is all about.

I know how to benefit and improve through direct contact with people of uniquely different nationalities and taste for art.
All of the above briefly summarizes who I am and what ORFEBRERIA DEL TANGO JEWELRY stands for.

Please take some time to visit my collection. I remain available for any questions and/or inquiries.I also wish to mention Tobías, a  cherished friend and mentor, and my present and dear collaborators, Don  Alfredo, "a master jeweler", and Adrian, a crafstman from a strong lineage of craftsmen. 
Warmest regards,